Can I Put Teddies in My Baby’s Cot?

You’re bound to get gifted plenty of cuddly toys and cutesy blankets when baby comes along, but keep these mementos in a safe space—in other words, out of your little one’s cot.

Cute Baby Girl Lying in the Crib

Adding anything into your baby’s sleeping space part from a firm mattress and securely fitted sheet increases the risk of smothering and suffocation.

The same even goes for cot bumpers—especially when baby begins to move and roll; he can get tangled in the material, or slip and fall into a dangerous position if holding onto the bumpers.

The Lullaby Trust, the UK’s charity for SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) awareness, mentions the following as absolute no-go’s when it comes to crib and cot:

  • pillows and duvets
  • cot bumpers
  • soft toys
  • loose bedding
  • any products (such as wedges or straps) that will keep your baby in one sleeping position.

“There is evidence to suggest that babies are at higher risk of SIDS if they have their heads covered,” explains the Trust. “Some items added to a cot may increase the risk of head-covering. Unnecessary items in a baby’s cot can also increase the risk of accidents.”

Via madeformums