Celeb mum Katie Holmes to stop spoiling Suri!

So… Tom and Katie have split. Relationships are difficult to maintain in the world of celebdom; so it’s no big surprise, really. No matter what we feel about celebrity breakups, all parents will spare a thought for poor Suri Cruise whose little family is in the throes of dramatic change.

But there is always good that comes from bad: Katie has decided to ‘de-bratify’ her cutsey daughter.

Now, if you know anything about Suri, it’s that she has a billion clothes, is often being carted around in the arms of her mum and dad and seems to spend her life pouting. Is this just Suri, or is she a tad spoilt? Um…

Since TomKat has become Tom and Kat, the blogosphere has been abuzz with news that Tom is the mollycoddler, the spoiler, and Katie intends to put a stop to it.

This means: no more make-up, high-heels, fancy purses and designer dresses – no more freebies – for little Suri.

Judgment aside, let’s be honest mums and dads; we all indulge in a little spoiling every now and again!

My vice is books – I am not exaggerating when I say we could start a children’s library! I am definitely going to have to teach my children about Oxfam in the near future – donations as well as purchases!

The key to avoiding ‘brat-ism’ is moderation. A little spoil here and there is not going turn our children into Veruca Salt (Roald Dahl knew all about spoiling) but provision on demand is a sure way to create a brat!

Good luck Katie! (If all goes awry just blame Tom!)

Source: Celebdirtylaundry.com – “Katie Holmes Stripping Suri Cruise Of Her Clothes And Tom Cruise’s Influence

What do you think about Katie’s decision to stop spoiling Suri?