Child brushing hair tips

With a hundred and one things to do in the morning, every task that your child can do herself is a bonus, no matter how small. Getting your toddler to brush her own hair in the morning will mean you can get on with packing lunchboxes, making breakfast, changing baby, or perhaps sitting down for a few minutes with a cup of tea!

If that sounds desirable then here’s some child brushing hair tips to help get your little one brushing her own hair in no time.

Child brushing hair tips

Let your child watch your brush your own hair then start by asking your toddler to help brush your hair. Go through the motions with her so that she has a general understanding of how to brush hair.

* Make sure that your toddler has access to a soft bristled comb when she brushes both yours and her own hair, as she may get a little enthusiastic which can prove painful with a hard-bristled comb.

Also soft bristled brushes do not usually have enough ‘strength’ to get out all the knots when being used by young children. In this sense a soft-bristled comb is preferable to a brush. Also choose a brush with a large, easy-to-grip handle, so that your toddler doesn’t keep dropping it.

* When your child has mastered brushing her own hair, move on to other things under your supervision, such as brushing her own teeth, dressing herself and putting her shoes on.

Soon you’ll have so much time in the morning; you won’t know what to do with yourself!