Co-sleeping bedside crib from Bednest NCT

If you’re keen on co-sleeping thing but also a little wary re the safety aspect, you might want to check out the new NCT Bednest, created by baby crib innovator, Bednest, and parent charity NCT.

The Bednest NCT is a new bedside crib by functioning as a three-sided bassinette that keeps your baby within reach and on the same level as your bed, the Bednest enables you sleep with your baby without actually sharing a bed.

Bednest nct

The Bednest is designed in such a way that your baby’s mattress can be positioned at exactly the same height as your mattress. With the side panel fully down, it creates a bridge between your sleeping space and that of your baby, with no lips, ridges, hard edges or gaps to heave the baby over.

The point of the bassinette is that it aims to facilitate safe co-sleeping.

Here’s how it works: the fully adjustable base of the cot is secured to your bed with a strap that works with frame and divan beds of varying heights. The fabric sides can be lowered to different levels, fully down to provide easy access or halfway to keep eye contact. The halfway setting can also be used as protection for when your baby starts to roll over at around three months.

The NCT Bednest also packs away into a carry bag so that you can take it out and about as you travel and visit.

What I like about this product is that if you try the co-sleeping thing and perhaps decide it’s not the best thing for you and your baby, the bassinette can work as a standalone crib (away from your bed) – so  your potions are not confined.

Something else that’s really cool is that NCT has launched a rental scheme with the aim of making the Bednest NCT available to even more parents across the UK.

Most babies outgrow their cribs or Moses Basket within 6 months, and the rental scheme means that you can hire the NCT Bedsit for say 6 months, and spend your money on a cot (etc.), which is great if you’re on a budget.

That said; the £99 6 month rental charge – that includes £50 to cover a 6 month rental period of a complete NCT Bednest crib, stand, travel bag and attachment straps and £49 for a NEW mattress and new fabric side panels – is more expensive than many Moses Baskets, cribs and bassinettes sold in stores or online.

Your decision with thus be largely based on the sleeping arrangement you think you’ll prefer – if it is co-sleeping then the NCT Bednest (which costs £249 excluding mattress and carry bag) might be the right option? CLICK HERE to find out more.