Confidence tips for new Mums

Whilst some women are brimming with radiance and confidence when they have had a baby, for others, their ‘fuller’ figure, lack of ‘adult’ company and tired state of mind can shatter their confidence and self-esteem.

If you feel that your confidence has taken a knock since you have had a baby, the following confidence tips for new Mums may help you bounce back to your former self.

Eat well

With a million and one things to do when you have a newborn to look after, it is easy to neglect your own dietary needs. But this is one of the most basic of confidence tips for new Mum’s. Ensure you devote enough time to eat properly, as eating a healthy balanced diet full of fruit, vegetables and fish, will help you to not only lose the baby weight, but help you feel better and more energised.

Talk about sex

Sex might be the last thing on your mind when you have had a baby but instead of regarding having sex as an enjoyment of your pre-baby life, talk to your partner about sex and when you may feel ready again, as simply discussing sex can help boost confidence. Kissing and cuddling can also be a great substitute for actual sex!

Spend time with other adults

It is easy to become so absorbed with your baby that you forget about your friends and family. To help boost your confidence and self-esteem make sure you take some time away from your baby rituals and spend time with friends and family. Even a good natter on the phone to an old friend will leave you smiling.


Another great confidence tips for new Mum’s is exercise. Similar to sex, exercise may be the last thing on your mind when you are still sore from the birth and dreadfully tired. Although to help improve your confidence and energy levels, exercise can work wonders. It need not be anything strenuous, like a five-mile run, but strolls around the park or gentle abdominal exercises can be a great way to help recover some of that lost energy and confidence.