How to cope with a crying baby

Babies cry – that’s a fact. But some cry more than others and some may do it excessively. As a young baby can’t communicate verbally, crying is their way of telling you they need or want something. It could be as simple as comforting or it could be a sign of pain. Sometimes it’s not easy to work out what it is they want.


crying baby


These are some of the most common reason for crying:


  • Hunger
  • Dirty/wet nappy
  • Tired
  • Needing comfort
  • Too hot or cold
  • Wind
  • Over-stimulation


You may find a pattern with your baby’s crying, such as it happening at certain times of day. Inconsolable crying in babies can be hard for parents, as you’re probably very tired and may find it hard to cope.


Here are some tips that could help to soothe your crying baby:


Play some gentle background noise, as this may help to distract them.


Gentle rocking works well for some babies – this could be in your arms, in a pram or a drive in the car. Even if they wake up when you stop, it could give you a little break.


Baby massage can be very relaxing for both you and your baby. You’ll find lots examples online, including on our website here.


A warm bath can help to soothe a baby that cries excessively.


Find something for your baby to listen to or look at. Perhaps some music, a rattle or a mobile above their cot.


It’s also a good idea to keep a record of when your baby cries excessively so you can identify any routine or triggers.


There may be times when you feel overwhelmed, but rest assured you are not alone and never be afraid to ask for help from friends or family. You can also speak to your local pharmacist, health visitor or GP. For further support, Cry-sis offers a helpline seven days a week for parents struggling to cope with a crying baby and you can find lots of information on their website: