Cot to bed advice

Many parents feel naturally apprehensive about moving their little one from their cot into a ‘big bed’, although the transition from cot to bed can be even more confusing for a toddler, who feels secure and safe in her familiar cot.

Whilst there is no ‘set time’ when to make the transition, most parents instinctively ‘know’ when their child is ready to start sleeping in a ‘big bed’. To help ‘smooth’ the change of your toddler’s sleeping arrangements read the following cot to bed advice.

1. Climbing out of her cot

If your child is frequently climbing out of her cot it is an almost sure sign that she is ready to sleep in a normal bed. Without the barrier of bars many toddlers can tend to sleep more soundly in a bed.

2. Teach your child to fall asleep by herself

To help ease the conversion from cot to bed, try and teach your toddler to settle herself at bedtime and go back to sleep by herself during the night. Once your child has established an ability to fall asleep alone, moving from the cot to the bed should help make her less distressed and likely to be restless when she starts to sleep in a bed.

3. ‘Big girl’ praise

Toddlers, more often than not, love to think of themselves as a ‘big girl’ or ‘big boy’. Emphasising the fact that she is such a ‘big girl’ for sleeping in a ‘big bed’ may help your child be happier about exchanging her cot for a bed.

4. Perseverance

Like with anything new, perseverance is the key. Young children, generally speaking, thrive on routine and often feel distressed and insecure when familiarity is altered in any way. Her aversion to her new bed will not last long and within a week or so, when she is eventually settled in her new bed, she will be wondering why she made so much fuss.