Cute baby keepsakes

There are so many ways to commemorate the day your little bundle of joy arrived into the world. Here are some lovely ideas of things to keep and do, that you’ll treasure forever.

Cute baby keepsakes

I’m pretty sure every parent has their baby’s scan photo, but other cute items that you can look back at in years to come include their hospital ID band and the outfit they came home in. The very first baby grow or blanket is another way to remember how small and precious they were. You can even turn tiny baby clothes into cushion covers, blankets and patchwork teddies. These are really nice ways to treasure them, without them just being put away in a cupboard.


Another popular idea is to have a hand or footprint crafted into something – from a necklace or an ornament, to a picture in a frame or even a tattoo. A personalised piggy bank is also a lovely idea, with details of your baby’s birth date, weight, etc. decorated onto the outside. You can save both money and memories this way!


Documenting your baby’s milestones is also a lovely way to look back on fond memories as they grow. You can get beautiful frames to put photos in of your baby’s first year, books to write down when they first smiled, blew a raspberry, sat up or crawled. And there’s also the hugely popular keepsake cards, where you take a photo of your baby with a card saying what they did that day.


An extra-special baby keepsake that you can enjoy as a whole family later down the line is to make a baby capsule. Fill a sturdy container with mementoes and seal it to open it together on a selected future date when your child is older.


Keeping your own journal is another way you can not only document important milestones in your little one’s life, but also express your feelings through each stage of motherhood – and even pregnancy if you start it sooner. Reading this in years to come, and handing it down to your children when they’re older, is a lovely way for you to relive those precious moments.


When your little one is born, draw around their hand onto a piece of paper and re-do it every month, six months or year. This makes a lovely memento you can frame and hang on a wall.