Cycling with baby: the essential kit list

One of the best things about summer (second to seeing baby in a swimsuit, of course), is taking your little ones along for a sunny bicycle ride.

Cycling with baby: the essential kit list

Baby London has compiled an easy-peasy cycling kit list, with all the gear you’ll need to get mini passengers ready for a pedal this summer…

Front-mounted child seats

These seats easily attach to the handlebar stem and the child sits in front of you with their legs under the handlebars. They’re best for children under three as the position can be a bit of a squeeze when they get bigger. The benefit of this type of seat is that the child is full view between your arms – and being up front also means that babs can see what’s going on, and better enjoy the experience.

Rear-mounted child seats

This is the most common type of child seat and attaches to either the rear rack or has a mounting bracket that clamps onto your seat tube. Rear-mounted seats have greater growing room – with a higher maximum weight and adjustable feet holders allowing for more space than a front-mounted child seat.

Cargo Bikes

A common sight in Holland and Denmark, cargo bikes are growing in popularity in the UK. They are essentially a large Dutch-style bike with a cargo box attached at the front. These fun transporters are perfect for two to three kids (or lots of shopping!), and are easy for everyday use as there’s nothing to attach, you simply get on and go. And they’re Just. So. Cute.


Yes, baby helmets are totes adorable, but they’re also essential for safety – so don’t compromise on this one. Check out a bonafide bike shop for a wider range of styles, and ask the staff to measure your kiddo for a proper secure (and comfortable) fit.


With kids comes basket-loads of kids’ stuff. (You’re a mum; you know this already.)


If cycling in the evenings, invest in reflective clothing to ensure you and baby are visible to other road users.

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