The Dad changing bag – it ain’t pretty!

Dragging around a tiny person’s ridiculous cargo-load of accoutrements is an unchangeable duty of parenthood – so when you’ve got little ones in tow, leaving your house becomes a full-scale mission requiring all the tactical skill of a military operation.

The Dad changing bag - it ain't pretty!

By the time you’ve managed to exit your front door, you’ve got more luggage for a five minute trip to the store than one would for a 6 week vacation to the North Pole.

It’s particularly rough when Dad’s on Baby Watch and said luggage is in every shade of pastel and floral print ever created – leaving him looking like a cupcake on steroids.

That’s where the Tactical Diaper Bag comes in. The Big Daddy of all changing bags. (Because, let’s face it, while there’s nothing cuter than a guy with his lil’ babs, pink and bows do not a manly man make):

With 16 different pouches and pockets, this bad boy changing bag is big enough to hold all the supplies necessary to defuse explosive nappy situations, deploy snacks, and swiftly defend against spit-up attacks.

And there’s not a stitch of pastel. No bunnies or rosebuds, either.
It’s black; it gets the job done.

The Tactical Diaper Bag features an exterior changing pad pocket, a document pouch, four slots for bottles, two fully-removable pouches, functional MOLLE webbing on the front and strap, a strap on 360° swivelling clips, and drainage holes in each corner of the main body.

Plus, it can fit most laptops because, you know, there’s always tons of free time when you’re looking after the kids.

Most importantly, the bag has a big ol’ “DAD” patch.

(Lest anyone confuse you with the nanny.)

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