Dad Sings For His Son’s Supper – Literally.

When it comes to mealtimes with little kids (aka THE PICKIEST EATERS ON THE PLANET), most parents have tried every tactic out there – coercion, cajoling, crying into a wine glass – to achieve some modicum of cooperation.

Every tactic, that is, except for Lionel Richie.

Dad Sings For His Son's Supper - Literally.

New Jersey dad and performance artist Charles Flartey has found a way to get his one-year-old son to eat his food sans the drama – by mesmerising him with the power of his musical talents; and the cleverly-adjusted lyrics of some memorable hits.

Flartley, who is in a band called Yes Yes Yalls, said he’s been making music for 15 years but “nothing has gotten more attention than these videos”.

Evidently, everyone appreciates a baby who can dig a good beat — and his bananas.

The dad has uploaded four videos so far in his “dad sings while feeding baby” series. Check ’em out and dare to try the same at the table tonight (your kids may just offer to eat, if you’ll only stop the singing):

1) Turkey and cheese.
Flartey sings: “Turkey and cheese – I need it ‘cause you know that I’m a fiend. Gonna eat it ’till my high chair’s clean” to the tune of Peaches and Cream by 112.

2) Yoghurt.
Flartey’s rendition of R Kelly’s Bump N’ Grind goes: “I don’t see nothin’ wrong… with some yogurt for lunchtime.”

3) Jelly.
This one’s “Jell-O, is it me you’re looking for?” to Lionel Richie’s Hello.

4) Yoghurt (again).
“This yogurt is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S” to Hollaback Girl.