Designer breast pads?

Leaky boobs are the bain of every breastfeeding mum’s existence – no joke.

Breasts seem to leak at the most inconvenient moments. For me, it usually happened when I was out and about because I’d often replaced a breast feed with a bottle feed and to prevent my breasts from engorging my body did what was natural; let the milk flow – and when there is no open mouth on the receiving end the results can be somewhat disastrous.

Breast pads to the rescue!

Okay … so I am going to keep it real here and just get it out there; breast pads are kind of gross –a bit like sanitary towels for the nipple. If you share my sentiment you should check out the ‘designer’ breast pads on

They are silk/cotton combination pads that are hand-covered in London and come in an array pretty colours – the coral design being the most popular.

They don’t look all ‘breast pad-ish’ (which sells it for me!) and can be washed and reused. The only downer with these designer breast pads is that they aren’t cheap – it’s £9.99 for two pads, and you may need a couple (if not more) of pairs, but they certainly go a long way to adding a little dignity to the whole ‘leaky boob’ thing.

If you’re debating the cost of these designer breast pads, something that might sway your decision:

Lactation expert Susan Condon, in an article for, suggests that cloth breast pads are favourable to disposables, which have apparently been linked to breastfeeding problems. Reusable pads have a plastic lining that keeps clothing dry but keeps the areola damp, exacerbating nipple soreness and fungal infections such as candida (also known as thrush).


… and perhaps worth some further investigation?

While you ponder, just know that leaky boobs happen to all breastfeeding mums – you’re not alone in your damp tee and soggy breast pads.

Anyone out there used cloth breast pads? If so, how did they fare?

Source: – “What can I do about my leaking breasts?”