Developmental meal set for babies

Eating is so much more fun when you’ve got something cool to do it with – certainly when you’re a child, even a baby.

Plates with pictures and novelty cutlery are huge it in my home – my girls chomp their food at warp speed in an effort to uncover the picture on the surface of the plate or they eat like snails as they sit distracted by the letters and shapes plastered on the rims of their bowls.

Either way, they’re good eaters so I don’t mind whether it’s fast or slow, as long as the food is gone.

Lansinoh’s mOmma range has a fab new developmental meal set for babies that includes a soft spoon, fork and warm plate, which are ergonomically designed to help with baby’s development. I’ll bet you’ve never seen cutlery like this before! – It rocks; literally.

The spoon is round and has been designed for baby’s hands to grasp easily in an effort to nurture into being a progression to independent feeding.

The spoon’s soft tip soft tip is gentle on developing teeth and gums and the rocking movement of the spoon prevents the tip of the spoon from coming into contact with surfaces (for maximum hygiene – in case that’s what you’re after when shopping for baby cutlery).

It’s also fun – the spoon is intended to engage and stimulate baby’s interest.

The mOmma fork works in the same way as the spoon (rocking) and it has been designed with two prongs to ensure safety when introducing baby to forks.

Both the fork and the spoon come with a hygiene cover (great when on the go), which also functions as an extendable handle when feeding baby.

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