Developmental toys for babies

If you’re on the hunt for some developmental toys for your new baby but haven’t a clue where to start, Lamaze has some great toys.

One of the reasons I rate Lamaze toys is because they are good value for money; the toys are designed to grow with your baby. Not literally, of course, but the toy will last past the age for which you specifically purchased the toy.

Babies discover new skills as they grow and develop, and Lamaze aims to provide babies with toys that will evolve as baby’s senses evolve.

If you check out you’ll see that the developmental toys for babies are split into age categories as well as toy categories (rattles & teethers, books, play gyms & mats, cot & buggy toys, activity toys etc.), making the whole shopping process a whole lot less overwhelming.

There’s also a ‘search bar’ if there’s a specific toy you are looking for or which has been recommended by a friend.

Lamaze toys are typically brightly coloured, with lots of patterns and designs, and intricate bits and bobs for baby to discover and manipulate.

Some favourites are: Lamaze Rainbow Rings (6 months +), Lights and Sound Flower Pot Toy (0 months +), Activity Knot Toy (0 months +), any of the Play & Grow Dolls (0 months +), Rusty the Robot (0 months +), Soft Toy Sorter (9 months +), First Years Grab Apple (3 months +)… but there really are so many lovely things to choose from!

Lamaze toys are slightly cheaper on Amazon (including delivery) but you won’t have the same range to choose from. It might also be worth doing a price comparison once you have found the toy you like because Lamaze toys are quite widely stocked and you never know where a good deal might crop up.

Can you recommend any good developmental toys for babies? – Lamaze or other?