Did you know babies yawn in the womb?

Hanging out in a world of amniotic fluid for nine-ish months has got to be a pretty dull affair – it’s no surprise that foetuses yawn every now and then.

It seems a pretty normal thing to do….Did you know babies yawn in the womb?

Well… you may be unaware; it is only recently that scientists have actually proved that foetuses do in fact yawn in the womb! Unbeknownst to us lesser mortals, there has been a debate in the scientific community over whether foetuses that appear to be yawning are in fact, merely opening and closing their mouths.

As reported by “The independent”, a new study using high res ultrasound images has proved that babies in utero do yawn. Cute!

But it’s not because they’re bored or sleepy – foetal yawns are linked to brain maturation and development, and are thought to decline after 28 weeks (7 months-ish).

In an age of hyper-knowledge and information overload, it’s amazing that there is still so much that we don’t know about the world around us – our own bodies included. In my mind, a seemingly small discovery like that fact that a baby yawns in a mum’s womb is humbling; it keeps the tendency to think we know-it-all in check.

Just when we think that Google has all the answers, we are reminded that here is always something new to learn!

And the news is special for mums and dads who are expecting; when you go for your next scan appointment, look out for a special little yawn from your baby!

Source: Independent.co.uk – “Revealing scans show foetuses yawn in the womb”