Dining out with young children tips

When a couple is no longer a couple but is a family of three, four or maybe even five, you may think that your days of dining out are over.

Dining out with young children doesn’t need to be as ‘nightmarish’ as you might perceive. Take a look at the following dining out with young children tips.

Dining out with young children tips

Go prepared!

One of the main reasons babies, toddlers and young children can have a tendency to ‘play up’ at restaurants, is because they are bored. Prevent boredom from kicking in by bringing plenty of ‘entertainment’ and ‘distractions’, such as colouring books, toys and books to look at.

Ensure that your little ones are hungry

Enthusiasm for a going to a restaurant is considerably heightened if a child is actually hungry and ready to tuck into a delicious meal. It is therefore important that prior to the meal children haven’t guzzled on sweets, biscuits or chocolate, as having a genuine appetite will not only mean they enjoy their meal more, but are also better behaved!

Choose a kid-friendly restaurant

Your choice of restaurant can significantly affect how children behave whilst eating out. Going to a more child-orientated restaurant where there are things for children to do, for example, a playground in the garden or colouring books available, is likely to help keep temper tantrums a bay as opposed to a quiet restaurant geared primarily towards adults.

Sit outdoors

If your toddler does decide to ‘play up’ whilst dining out, it can often be a lot less noticeable and embarrassing if you are sat outside. Not only this but there is usually more to do and see outside in a pub garden or restaurant terrace than inside to help keep your little one distracted.

Play games

There is nothing more ‘boring’ for a small child then having listen to their parent’s drone on about work, the in-laws or what their itinerary is for the forthcoming week!

To help ensure that young children stay well behaved during a family meal out, try to involve them with the conversation more, or play games such as ‘I Spy’ or ‘Simon Says’ as you wait for your food to arrive.