DIY Knotted Baby Hats Using Old T-Shirts!

It seems an unspoken rule that every newborn must endure at least one ridiculous piece of headwear – before they become sentient enough to express shrilly distaste for their parents’ poor fashion sense.

DIY Knotted Baby Hats Using Old T-Shirts!

But this particular noggin-warmer is far from ridiculous (only ridiculously cute); so your offspring won’t harbour any long-term grudges.


It’s also super-simple to make; thus you can satisfy your inner Martha Stewart with minimal effort. And minimal spending: all you need are a couple old cotton t-shirts and sewing supplies…then you’ll have enough adorable head accessories for your babs, plus some winning baby shower gifts.

Craft Queen of the Year Award is yours for the taking. Just check out the tutorial below:


sewing machine
cotton t-shirts (with some stretch)
double stick fusible webbing
patterned fabric
baby hat for template


Step 1: Lay your baby hat on top of the bottom of t-shirt and pin. Cut 1/4 inch around the hat. You are cutting 2 identical pieces of the t-shirt. You will use the hemmed edge of the old t-shirt for bottom of hat (no hemming required)!

Step 2: Pin the 2 sides of hat, right sides of fabric together.

Step 3: Using a zig-zag stitch, sew 1/4 in on 2 sides of hat. Do not sew the hemmed bottom edge of t-shirt; this is the hat opening.

Step 4: Inside-out the hat and pull the top part out. Knot the top of hat.

DIY Knotted Baby Hats Using Old T-Shirts!

Step 5: Now to add some personality to the hat.

Applique technique – use double sided fusible webbing. Press applique fabric on top of sticky side of webbing. Cut around desired pattern. Press onto hat. Follow directions on package of webbing. You can stitch the applique for a finished look, or leave it for a simple raw edge look.

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