DIY Rainbow Cloud Dough (Taste-Safe)!

As soon as little ones achieve some mastery over the finer motor skills, any activity that allows them to shape, manipulate and create quickly becomes a favourite.

DIY Rainbow Cloud Dough (Taste-Safe)!

Rainbow Cloud Dough not only introduces tots to fun textures and an unlimited colour palette potential, but also sparks their creativity; the possibilities for pretend-play – and thus making stuff – are endless (think ‘cupcake’ baking, ‘snowman’ building, ‘dirt’ digging, ‘beach sand’ and glitter dough). Most importantly, cloud dough enables tiny hands to explore the sensory world safely. 

Check out the easy-peasy tutorial:

You will need…

All purpose flour
Vegetable oil
Oil-based food colouring or powder food colouring
A bowl for mixing
A sensory tub for playing in (and whatever other pretend-play tools you can think of)


1. To make a variety of colours use 2 cups of flour per colour with 1/4 cup vegetable oil.

TIP: Use measuring cups! (If you guesstimate your cloud dough recipe will be too wet…)

2. You can use powered colouring and mix it in the flour before adding the oil or you can use oil-based food colouring and premix it in the oil before adding it to the flour.

3. Now, mix your ingredients in a bowl. You’ll have to get your hands into the mix – pinch the flour to evenly distribute the oils and colouring.

Once mixed, line the colours up in your sensory bin and provide various items to play with.

Hint – if you do this activity indoors a large bed sheet is recommended for under the sensory tub to catch those lil’ (okay, big) messes.

DIY Rainbow Cloud Dough (Taste-Safe)!

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