Do men get broody?

Depressed, isolated, angry, sad, jealous – sound familiar? It might be because your man’s football team lost the cup final or his favourite beer was sold out at the store but it could also be feelings associated with childlessness.

Do men get broody? Yes! Researchers from Keele University, Staffordshire, England have discovered that men also get broody!


According to a study by researchers at the University, of the men and women questioned 59 per cent of the men (and 63 per cent of women) said they wanted children. Medical News Today reported on the stats:

  • 50 per cent of men experienced isolation because they did not have any kids, versus 27 per cent of women.
  • 38 per cent of men experienced depression, versus 27 per cent of women.
  • 25 per cent of men experienced anger, versus 18 per cent of women.
  • 56 per cent had experienced sadness, versus 43 per cent of women.
  • 56 per cent experienced jealousy of those with children, versus 47 per cent of women.
  • 69 per cent had experienced yearning for a child, versus 11 per cent of women.
  • No men had experienced guilt because they did not have any kids, versus 16 per cent of women.

Fascinating, don’t you think?

Of the emotions discussed – isolation, depression, anger, sadness, jealousy, yearning and guilt – men experienced all with more severity than women, apart from guilt (probably a result of a biological urge not being satisfied).

Even more interesting is the reason men feel ‘broody’ – it’s all about external pressures; society, culture and family. For women it’s about personal desire, and biology as well.

Cultural stereotype often portrays women as the ones pressuring men to have children and start a family; and this perhaps true – we force men into feelings of broodiness; they want children partly because we want children and then they feel rubbish when they can’t deliver. At least that’s what the aforementioned study seems to imply.

What do you think?

Source: – “Men More Depressed Than Women If Childless”