Do power naps really work?

The ideal amount of sleep for an adult is a nightly slumber of between 7 and 9 hours – that’s the general rule. But we all know that babies have this annoying habit of disrupting any sort of ‘general rule’.

If you’re a first time mum, everyone will tell you that the best way to get by on little sleep is to snooze when baby snoozes – day or night.

Good advice (and loads of mums do it) but I found it really difficult – I am just not a daytime sleeper; it’s like my body says that when it’s light I should be awake and doing stuff.

Although I am not a big napper, my husband loves a good power nap and all I can say is that he wakes up grumpy and groggy almost every time and I am therefore keen to know whether a quick nap or two during the day will help new mums cope with the exhaustion of a new baby. Do power naps really work?

The answer, in a nutshell, is ‘yes’! – Great news mums!

Carolanne Wright for reports that; according to Sara Mednick, PhD, sleep medicine researcher and author of “Take a nap! Change Your Life”, a nap will:

  • Reverse aging.
  • Strengthen the sex drive.
  • Accelerate the ability to perform motor tasks.
  • Enhance how the body utilises carbs.
  • Minimize stress hormones.
  • Alleviate migraines.
  • Reduce brain chatter before night time sleep.

Now here’s the big question: how many minutes of shut-eye do we need to achieve all of the above? Here are the basics, according to Natural News:

  • Try to keep naps under 45 minutes to avoid grogginess.
  • Naps are best taken between 1:00 and 3:00 PM.
  • 30 minute naps improve memory and physical health.
  • 20 minute naps are revitalising and help to sharpen the senses.
  • 10 minute naps help to uplift mood and fend-off afternoon energy slumps.

So there is an art to napping. They work, you’ve just got to do it right.

Do power naps work for you? Any napping tips for new mums trying to cope with general sleeplessness?

Source: – “Wake up to the benefits of power napping – Boost clarity, happiness and cardiovascular health with this one daily habit”