Do you drive to get baby to sleep?

Most new parents will do whatever it takes to get their baby to sleep! Including driving for miles… and miles. The motion of the car and the monotonous hum of tire on road is enough to settle the most raucous of squealers.

In a new survey by Mothercare, it was revealed that more than half of new parents (56 per cent) drive an average of 1,322 miles a year to get their babies to sleep – and it costs £547 in petrol.

get baby to sleep

Eeek! The driving-to-sleep-thing happens at least once a week, starting at 9pm and lasting half an hour. Do you drive to get baby to sleep?

Londoners drive the most – a distance of 2,957 miles a year – followed by the East of England (1,987 miles) and Scotland (1,420 miles). In a bid to get baby to sleep, it’s men who do most of the driving; new dads do an average of 1,827 miles in the first year and mums do only 860 miles.

What this means is that: we need to ensure the safety of our cars, we’re willing to pay for a little shut-eye, and that most new parents are floating in the same sleep-deprived boat (which is actually a little comforting).

Not having the luxury of a car, I spend many a minute walking my new baby girl in her pram to help her get to sleep. Night time was okay but afternoon naps were hard work.

Born in the December cold, I even remember risking the iced-up London pavements for the chance of sleep – desperate measures and all. It was a little slippery but my dozing daughter was none the wiser. I loved being a new mum but I am glad those early days are over!

Have you used your car as a tool to get baby to sleep? If so, how far do you think you have driven?

Source: – “Parents spend £547 on petrol driving newborns to sleep!”