Does parenthood speed up time?

Where has this year gone? I feel like I had a baby, went on holiday, moved house and all of a sudden (that horrible phrase that bad children’s writers cannot do without) September is around the corner…heralding a rather scary conglomeration of Santa and school uniforms in just about every superstore in the land.

Here’s my theory: it’s all about school.

As soon as you have a child in Nursery, the years are apportioned by school holidays, half terms and first days – even if you finished school fifteen years ago! In other words, life stops being one long ramble…one long workday morphing into the next…and becomes more structured, and with that comes a heightened awareness of time.

Also implicit with school attendance is age consciousness. My four-year-old starts reception in the new school year; the fact that my daughter is four means that I am thirty – not just thirty but thirty-something! Like, what!?

Just the other day I was clubbing all-nighters and wearing trousers that sat snuggly on my protruding hipbones. Those were the days…before three children killed any chance of hipster anything (was that old person talk?).

I don’t feel old. Really, I don’t. But talking about my age reminds me of my gran’s ‘when I was young’ stories, and that makes me feel old – I’ve already caught myself talking of the days when we defrosted things by taking them out the night before (microwave – what’s that?) and were on time for appointments because we weren’t able to send a quick ‘I’m running late text’. Oh dear.

Kids are an obvious reflection of time passing because the changes they undergo are extreme.

Life is a crazy conundrum; you spend your whole childhood wishing time would speed up so that you could do grown-up things and then when you do grow up you just want to be a kid again. Luckily, one of the coolest things about having kids is that although life does speed up dramatically, kids keep you young – and give you an excuse to revel in the things of childhood.

Do you think that parenthood speeds up time?