Don’t Stop the Baby Talk—It Boosts Language Development, Says Studies

It’s one of those weirdly counterintuitive phenomena of parenting; goo-goo ga-ga talk is not just a way to make babies giggle and the child-free cringe; it’s actually a fundamental method of boosting language learning—according to scientists.

Baby talk

Keep the routine

Try not to change the usual bedtime routine, says Christabel—it’s the cue that clicks your little one’s brain and body into wind-down mode. The routine can be bath, book, cuddles…whatever works at home. This will be comforting and thus get your child relaxed enough to drift off when the time comes.

Bring the teddy

Pack a few familiar favourite things from your child’s room to help them feel secure in a strange sleeping environment.
And bring them along on flights or long car trips, too.

Factor in the time zone

A few days in a different time zone isn’t great, but keeping to your usual bedtimes while away is doable. Longer, and you should think about adjusting things. Christabel explains: “…you can prepare in advance for this by altering your child’s bedtime a few days before you leave – try waking them up 15 mins and putting them to bed 15 minutes earlier / later depending on the time zone.”

Get outside

Your child needs daylight to encourage her circadian rhythms to get up to speed with the new day/ night times. Get outside in the morning together for at least an hour—and remember that even with following all of the above, your tot’s sleep may still take a while to get back to some version of normal; so be patient, and give them leeway!

Via babylondon