Double trouble? Tips for Coping with Twins

So, you’ve welcomed two little bundles of joy into the family. Twenty little fingers and twenty little toes… two times the feeding, twice as much washing, double the nappy changes! One can be tough… how will you cope with two? While it may be hard at times, the rewards will be two-fold.

Tips for dealing with twins

Have a look at these tips for coping with life with twins.

Try and get your twins on the same schedule

If you can sync your twins, you’ll find things a lot easier. Be prepared for it to take a while, but if you keep trying eventually a pattern should emerge. Try and feed them at the same time – whether breast or bottle. It may be a tangle of arms and legs to begin with, but practise will make perfect! When it comes to nap times and bedtime, it can be a juggling act as you try to find the way each baby prefers to get to sleep, but if you persevere, you’ll find things a lot easier.

Get to grips with your double buggy

Bigger, heavier and bulkier, a double buggy can seem even more daunting than a single one to begin with. But you’ll soon get the hang of it. Even before your babies are born you can practise manoeuvring it – both out and about on walks and folding it down into the car and up again. Ignore anyone who might look at you funny as you parade around with no cargo – let them be brave enough to question a woman with twice the raging hormones!

Sleep and sleep again

This goes for any new parent, but with twins you really need to get on board the ‘sleep when they sleep’ train. Albeit a piece of advice that most mums really dislike and rarely adhere to, you have double the reason to when you have two small people to look after. Forget about other things that might need doing, all you need to worry about is having the strength and energy to look after your babies. Everything else can wait.


You and your partner may have thought you were a pretty good team before your little ones came along, now you really need to embrace the concept of teamwork. Twins can take this to a whole new level! Share the feeds, share the nappy changes, share the cooking, share the laundry… When it comes to having two babies demanding care and attention, you need to be the best team ever.

Just remember – in amongst the mountain of nappies, bottles, laundry, vomit and poop, don’t lose your sense of humour… you’re going to need it! And, although you have to give double the time, double the attention and double the effort, twins bring you double the joy, double the fun and double the love.