Dressing a baby tips

With their delicate skin and uncontrollable heads, dressing a newborn baby can be daunting to say the least, particularly if you are a parent for the first time.

Although putting clothes on your little one may be made significantly easier if you follow these five useful dressing a baby tips.

1 – Only change your baby when necessary

Whilst you may be keen to try out all those gorgeous little outfits you bought your baby whilst pregnant, your baby is not a symbol of fashion and the less you change her, the better. Always use a bib when you feed your baby to avoid sick or milk spilling on her baby grow and needing changing.

2 – Ensure the room is at the right temperature when dressing baby

We know ourselves that dressing in cold conditions is not a nice experience. Babies are particularly prone to feeling the cold and can become distressed when they feel cold. Always ensure you dress your baby at room temperature, which is approximately 22 – 24 degrees Celsius.

3 – Make sure baby is dried properly

Trying to put on clothes on wet skin makes dressing considerably more difficult. If your baby has just had a bath make sure she is completely dry before you attempt to dress her. Not only is putting clothes on damp skin a difficult task, but it may make your baby’s skin dry and sore.

4 – Use talcum powder

Using a mild talcum powder that is formulated especially for babies can make dressing a baby a lot easier. Gently rub a small amount on your baby’s skin once it is dry and her clothes will slip on more easily.

5 – Avoid clothes will small necklines

There is nothing more distressing for a baby when she is being dressed then having an item of clothing stuck over her head because the neckline is too small. Always ensure that the neckline is wide enough to accommodate your baby’s head and that the buttons are open to avoid the collar becoming stuck and hurting your baby.