Drew Barrymore on pregnancy and weight-gain

I always love a celeb who keeps it real about pregnancy weight; that it’s easy to gain and difficult to lose, and that we can (usually do) obsess about it – weight, that is.

Drew Barrymore – actress, director, mum to Olive and pregnant for the second time – is the cover girl for the December issue of “Women’s Health”, and the star has some interesting things to say about babies and weight:

“You’re not supposed to look perfect while you’re making babies—making babies is the perfection” – don’t you love that!?

And she also gives mums a break when it comes to the insane pressure of kicking those post-preggy pounds:

“You know, maybe get back into a certain pair of jeans, but there’s just no such thing as perfection. If you’re trying to get there, you’re just torturing yourself. It’s about feeling good in clothes and knowing you can get dressed up in an evening and work it for a minute.”

Lovely Drew also talks about her new mantra as being “that lack of beating up on ourselves” and says that her top beauty tip is, “don’t say that negative thing when you look in the mirror” and that “happiness is the best makeup; a smile is better than any lipstick you’ll put on.”

Which sounds a little peachy when you look like Drew Barrymore but there are days when even my best smile and happiest attitude will just not compensate for the horror that is my face. Right!? But I think that her point is to allow ourselves space to feel like that; it’s about an overall positive attitude, which certainly will relax our faces and affect the way we look but most importantly, feel.

Go Drew!