Easy birthday cakes tips

From presents for pass the parcel to the food for the buffet, children’s birthday parties can be expensive affairs with all the necessary expenses soon adding up.

With many modern parents being on a budget we are sure you will welcome any advice on how to make savings whilst preparing for your little one’s birthday party. One such saving can be made by making your own birthday cake.

birthday cakes tips

Birthday cakes can be extremely expensive to buy but many parents worry that if they make the cake themselves it won’t compete in the ‘glamour’ stakes of the fancy and colourful ready-made cakes you can buy at the likes of Marks and Spencer’s. To dispel this quandary, we’ve come up with three truly easy birthday cakes tips!

Birthday cakes tips #1 – Personalise your child’s birthday cake!

Tart up a standard sponge cake by putting your child’s name and age on the icing. To do this simply put some fruit chews in the microwave for 3 -5 seconds so that they are soft. Flatten the chews with a rolling pin and make the letters and number with cookie cutters. Be creative with the shapes and colour of the letters and number!

Birthday cakes tips #2 – The Child’s Play Cake!

Young children, generally speaking, love to see bright and messy meshes of colour, after all that’s what they love to paint! Recreate a toddler’s painting on his cake and it’s bound to go down well at a child’s birthday party.

When you finish frosting the cake with white icing, divide another can of whipped frosting among five separate bowls and colour each of them with different coloured icing colour. Place the different coloured icing into resealable plastic bags and put them in the microwave for just a few seconds until the icing is warmed. Cut a corner out of each bag and shake random shapes and patterns over the cake – There you have it, a child’s painting on a cake!

Birthday cakes tips #3 – The Dotty Spotty Birthday Cake!

Now this one couldn’t be simpler! Simply make a standard square sponge or fruit cake – sponge might go down better among children – and cover it in white icing. Press rows of mini, regular and peanut M&M’s into the icing being creative with the colours and sizes! Guaranteed to create a stir when brought out at the party!