Easy storage solution for home-made baby food

Infantino’s Fresh Squeezed collection is worth looking at– the Squeeze Station being the most impressive of the twelve-strong product range.

I have religiously made home-cooked meals for my two daughters (three and one) for going on four years, and the millions of tubs that ceaselessly populate my unfortunately small freezer drive me nuts. As for hauling food about – tubs are just a pain; they leak, they’re bulky and they are just messy.

The Squeeze Station presses home-made baby food into easy-to-store and ready-to-serve pouches.

Basically, the contraption allows you to press your ready-made meals into squeeze-y pouches (like the kind you get in the shop in the baby food aisle), which take up little space when storing and are easy to carry around. An easy storage solution for home-made baby food.

The Squeeze Station includes 1 squeeze station, 3 tubes, 1 press and 10 Squeeze Pouches. And you can buy extra Squeeze Pouches in batches of 50 as well as spoons that attach to the Squeeze Pouches for convenient and mess-free feeding on-the-go

You can also get a Fridge & Freezer sleeve that stores 12 pouches, which is part of the Fresh Squeezed Collection. I prefer to squeeze the pouches in between food and into gaps – I seem to get more in that way (so much easier than tubs and cubes!).

The range features other nifty contraptions that will help in your quest for home-cooked baby food but nothing that a good old blender can’t do.

If you’re interested in the Squeeze Station or any other product in the Fresh Squeezed collection, visit Infantino.com for more info.