Eco-friendly babywear

Don’t you love dreamers – people who are willing to take risks in the name of following their passions? It’s a brave thing to do and it’s exactly what Sian Ball, head designer at Chamomile Baby did. After nearly 10 years in the clothing and design industry, Sian ditched her full time job to do what she loves – design babywear! A fan of the creativity and fun associated with coming up with great baby clothes, Sian launched a label that stands for ‘babywear’, not the ‘mini-adult’ type of clothing that the high street tends to favour.


Brand designs include adorable rabbits, cute mice in teacups, enchanting toadstool houses (for girls) and lions, houses and tractors (for boys) – all embroidered in rural England. Motifs appear on sassy striped bodysuits, rompersuits, T-shirts, shoes and accessories. Chamomile Baby also does gift sets and personalised garments.

As well as fabulous designs, the chamomile Baby collection is both eco-friendly and worker-friendly. The cotton from which the clothes are made is sourced mainly from a family-owned mill in Tanzania, East Africa, where working conditions are safe, healthy and fair and international labour standards are exceeded. Workers also enjoy good fringe benefits including free transportation, subsidised meals, free housing or housing allowance, on-site first-aid clinic and free standard medication.

And Chamomile Baby’s shoes are made in Britain from very soft high quality leather produced in traditional Italian tanneries. Our leather contains no harmful chemicals or dyes and conforms to European safety and product standards. It is produced from European herds enjoying high standards of animal husbandry – this means no destruction of rain forest for grazing. Leather is a sustainable renewable resource with a natural look and feel.

It’s almost worth choosing the designs based purely on their ethical stand point! To find out more and to view the collection, visit