Eight of the best finger foods for babies

When you start to wean your baby finger foods can be a great way to introduce to you baby new tastes, help develop his hand/eye coordination and provide some of the vitamins and nutrients he requires.

Below are eight of the best finger foods for babies.

1. Bananas slices are full of potassium and are not only a great source of essential nutrients for your growing baby, but being soft, are easily chewed and digested by babies who do not have any teeth.

2. Rice cakes and crackers broken into small pieces are a good finger food for slightly older babies and can also help relieve the sore gums of teething babies.

3. Small chunks of cheese can be easily picked up by babies and provide a good source of calcium, essential for your little one’s growing bones.

4. Bread and bagels lightly toasted are a good type of finger food. Lightly spread with vegetable puree for that extra dose of vitamins.

5. Hard boiled eggs chopped up small can be easily fingered and chewed by babies and provide them with a good source of protein.

6. Small pieces of well cooked vegetables such as carrots, sweet potato and peas are a great snack for babies experimenting with finger foods. Because of the choking hazards involved with foods such as carrots, is it not advisable to give these types of finger foods to babies under 12 months old.

7. Babies and young children often love the taste and look of pasta shapes. Place a small plate of pasta shapes and pasta twirls on your baby’s high chair and watch him enjoy handling and tasting this finger food. Pasta is also a great source of carbohydrates, essential for giving your baby energy.

8. Cereal such as cheerios and cornflakes are a fantastic finger food for babies. Their size and texture means babies can grasp cereal easily and its texture may help to alleviate the pain of teething.