Do Employers Judge Parents Differently?

Deciding to try for a baby is a big step; and one that can be a little (or plenty) scary for you and your spouse. According to a new survey, your family plans are apparently a big deal for your bosses, too.

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In the recently released Bright Horizons Modern Family Index, almost 70 percent of expectant parents revealed that their job tops the list of considerations when choosing whether or not to add a baby to their life.

Of the 150 men polled, over a third of the newbie dads reported feeling negatively judged by colleagues and supervisors following the announcement of their baby. Of the participating 530 pregnant women and 515 women who had had their first child in the past 2 years and returned to work, 1 in 4 suffered similar negative responses in the workplace after announcing their big news.

And even when maternity leave ended and the mums returned to their old posts, the critical perceptions did not let up – in fact, they got worse. 43 percent of the working mothers felt that employers saw them as less committed to their position, 39 percent believed employers were waiting for them to wave the white flag and quit, and 35 percent experienced “active discrimination”. Interestingly, 69 percent of fathers said they’d consider leaving a job over such working conditions, compared to 56 percent of the more beleaguered gender.

Is your workplace ‘family-friendly’, or have you encountered unfair bias related to your decision to grow your family?