Ever been wee’d on at nappy change? You need Weeblock!

It’s pretty much guaranteed that if you’ve ever raised a baby boy, you’ve been wee’d on – the movies didn’t lie about that one.

Hiding underneath all manner of clothing and nappy is a secret weapon that is detonated by the feel of fresh flowing air – and all you can hope for is that your mouth and eyes are closed. Or you can invest in a Weeblock.


A Weeblock is a wee absorbing sponge that’s shaped like a cup (sort of like a ‘ball box’ worn by cricketers); the idea is to place it in between your baby’s legs at changing time so that any fountainous wee heading your direction will be absorbed by the Weeblock.

The little sponges are brightly coloured and machine washable (no matter the brand).

Made in America (big surprise) Weeblocks are quite pricey but are available on Amazon.co.uk – the most expensive is an £85 Sozo Crown Jewels Weeblock by Baby Born Child costs £85 (no joke) and the cheapest, also by Sozo, costs around £20.

If you like the Weeblock idea but would prefer something cheaper, the Pee-pee Teepee by Beba Bean is a great alternative.

The Pee-pee Teepee is a terry lined soft cloth cone that fits between baby’s thighs, also stopping baby’s wee from landing in your eye during nappy changes. It’s both washable and reusable, comes in a fun array of designs – cars, surfers, fishing, aeroplanes etc. – and a pack of four sells for £9 on Amazon.co.uk.

Whether it’s a Weeblock or a Pee-pee Teepee, the idea is smart and both make fab baby shower gifts if you’re looking for something cool and quirky (and useful too!)

Have you been wee’d on by your baby boy? –We’d love to hear your funny stores!