Exercises for Mums at the park!

The weather’s beginning to warm up, the nights are getting lighter, and the kids are eager to get outside in the fresh air, now is the perfect time to take your little ones to the park.

As well as letting your youngster get some exercise, have fun, mix with other children and let off some steam, a trip to a children’s playground can be almost as beneficial for mums in our quest to regain out pre-baby figures.

Exercises for Mums

Here’s how to ditch the gym membership for the children’s playground – Exercises for Mums…at the park!

Jungle Gym Pull Up

Now a climbing frame is almost as ubiquitous item in a children’s playground as a swing – take advantage! For our first exercises for Mums, grip hold of one of the climbing frame’s bars that is approximately 3 or 4 foot high depending on how tall you are.

Keep your hands a shoulder-width apart and extend your legs under the climbing frame until your chest is under the bar. Tense your arms and lift your chest towards the bar. Hold for several seconds and slowly relax your arms. Repeat ten times. You should feel this exercise working your arms and back. 

Swing crisscross

Recapture your childhood by sitting on a swing and lean back at a 45 degree angle! Lift and extend your legs so that they are parallel with the height of the swing and point your toes.

Slowly open your legs, hold for a minute and then cross your legs. Repeat ten times alternating which leg your cross. Exercises for Mums like these are invaluable, You should be able to feel the exercise working your abdominal muscles. 

Slide Lunge

Make the most of the slide at the playground by practising the slide lunge. With your back facing the slide rest your left foot on the bottom of it and bend your right knee until your thigh is almost parallel to the ground.

Slowly return to the starting position by pressing through your right heel. Repeat for 15 times and then do 15 more repetitions with the other leg. You should feel your thighs, hips and calves being worked with this exercise.