Farm2Table App Teaches Kids Where Food Really Comes From!

We’re raising our kids in a mass-produced, convenience-is-king world; a world where – perhaps to pander to our disconnected, coddled sensibilities – things like chicken nuggets and fish fingers bear no resemblance to their supposed contents…we just have to take the packaging’s word for it.

Farm2Table app

It’s no wonder that so many young ones have no idea where their meals actually come from. Or perhaps just not enough conscious awareness of food’s journey to the dinner table (prior to mum slaving at the stove).

The new Farm2Table app for iOS, however, is educating children on the provenance of our plates’ contents with the clever, captivating combination of illustrated story, and real-life videos.

Farm2Table is based on the popular kids’ book The Cow in Patrick O’Shanahan’s Kitchen by Diana Pritchard and Heather Knopf, which sees the main character make his breakfast by going straight to the source for all his ingredients — the chicken coop for eggs, the cow for milk, etc.

And then the app introduces real-life reinforcement of the storyline; when Patrick goes to collect eggs for his breakfast, you can click to watch a short video of a real child collecting eggs from a real nest. When he needs maple syrup, a clip shows the actual tree-tapping process.

Farm2Table app

There’s also a cute little food-origin match game included — matching the pig to the bacon (maybe not so cute, but hey, we’re keeping it real) and the apple to the tree, for example.

Farm2Table app

If you want to steer your kids clear of the out of sight, out of mind, and down the pie-hole mentality, Farm2Table is a great way to inspire mindfulness over mindless consumption: to think before we buy, think before we eat. And appreciate.

Download the app HERE.