Fergie’s post-pregnancy weight-loss secrets

Fergie –singer, songwriter, fashion designer, television host and actress, lead vocalist for Black Eyed Peas also known as the lovely Mrs Duhamel and mum of August-born Axl – has revealed  what she is doing to lose her post-preggy baby weight.

In a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Fergie (who gave birth via C-section on August 29, 2013) said that she’s been doing belly dancing and yoga.  And if inference is anything to go by, Fergie has been pictured jogging as well.

In an article published in Hollywoodscoop.com Fergie’s nutritionist Kimberly Snyder said that tons of fibre (in the form of salad and veggies) and green smoothies have helped, and the new mamma also avoids processed and packaged items, as well as dairy and gluten.

Losing baby weight is never easy and there is so much pressure on new mums to miraculously transform their bodies into pre-baby state, which is often not realistic because babies do change our bodies.

But it is good to keep fit and healthy, and, in my own two-times-pregnant experience, losing some of that baby weight is definitely a confidence booster. But it takes time, which we need to give ourselves.

It’s never bad to take celebrity advice and find inspiration in the stories of other mums, but we need to accommodate our exercise schedule according to how our lives are managed and prioritised.

We need to do the work (put in the effort) without the pressures imposed by Celebdom often unrealistic expectations.

A little yoga, belly dancing and perhaps some light jogging complemented by a balanced diet sounds like not a bad idea at all.