The Fertility Diet Can Also Help Ditch the Baby Weight, Say Experts

It seems a little counterintuitive that the things you should be eating to get pregnant are the same ones that will help you get back to your pre-baby self (or thereabouts) — but according to nutritionists, the Fertility Diet – it’s an actual thing – is the answer to a myriad health issues, including weight gain.


Developed by Harvard-grad doctors Jorge E. Chavarro, MD, and Walter C. Willlet, MD, the Fertility Diet is a popular eating plan due to its numerous health benefits – not just its reported ability to boost chances of conceiving.

Nutritionists analysed the diet and ranked it in the top 10 list of best diets overall, particularly for diabetes management, weight loss (that means postnatal jelly bellies, too) and heart health.

The details of the diet are not complicated; essentially, it all equates to feeding your body with good stuff: healthy fats, wholegrains, plant protein – and whole milk over skimmed.

“You don’t have to follow all 10 steps at once,” the U.S. Newsexperts explain. “You can gradually tackle more when you feel comfortable. Start out by avoiding trans fats, which are found in refrigerated cakes, pie crusts, biscuits, frozen pizza, cookies, crackers and ready-to-use frosting.”

Ultimately, the Fertility Diet is an ace way to amp up your health overall – not just the reproductive side – and help to get back to your pre-preggers self – or whatever (healthy) self you prefer.

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