Finally! Slippers to Take the Edge Off Standing On LEGO..

Quickest way to get parents to rattle off a litany of expletives? The good ole Lego foot injury.

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve sworn that if one more two-by-four embeds itself in my flesh, our entire collection of overpriced Lord of the Rings construction material is headed straight for a makeshift Mount Doom firepit.

Slippers to Take the Edge Off Standing On LEGO

But there may be hope for my mangled metatarsals yet.The LEGO company has teamed up with French advertising agency Brand Station to create protective slippers, which have thick padding on the bottom to cushion against the evil edges of small plastic bricks. They’re interchangeable between left and right foot and have an open back so they can be easily slipped on during the night (peak Lego accident time, apparently).

Slippers to Take the Edge Off Standing On LEGO

They might not be much to look at (okay, they’re totally ridiculous); however – I think I’d be able to forgo fashion statement if it means I could walk across my carpet without fear of skin puncture.

The agency shared a video on Facebook, showing how the slippers are made:

Mais attendez, sil vous plait. French blog Piwee reports only 1500 pairs have been made, and they’ll be given away randomly to people who fill out their Christmas list on the Lego France website.

So get hobbling to your keyboard, pronto.