Find out the Play IQ of your child with the Fisher-Price quiz

Before little ones are able to communicate effectively and let us know exactly where their interests lie, we tend to buy a mass of assorted playthings and thrust the babes in the midst of it all, awaiting a response that will lead us in the right direction.

Find out the Play IQ of your child with the Fisher-Price quiz

Doing it this way usually ends up in mountains of untouched toys – destined for eBay, or, more likely, the dusty, darkened recesses of cupboards, never to see the light of day again.

A new interactive online tool by Fisher-Price helps organise the usual haphazard approach to baby playtime, and enables parents to determine their kiddos’ key areas of interests and strengths, based on a simple quiz.

By answering a few, quick questions, the Fisher-Price Play IQ tool assesses your child’s play persona; in other words, his or her preferred style of play.

The best time for children to develop their brain and retain as much learning as they can is during their first five years. A lot of play happens during this crucial phase, and it makes sense that through games, tinkering with toys, and good ol’ fun that the greatest amount of physical, cognitive and emotional development takes place.

Based on answers, the Fisher-Price Play IQ quiz gives parents advice on helping their children reach developmental milestones through tailored activities and toys, and can make an incredible difference to how you connect with your child, and how he discovers the world around him.

Find out your child’s Play IQ here.