Five basic manners for toddlers

Without going over board when it comes to teaching manners, with toddlers, the sooner the better. For children to grow up polite and courteous of others it is important that parents teach their child some basic manners when they are toddlers.

Here are five basic manners for toddlers.

basic manners for toddlers

Not to be rude

Teaching your child at a young age that it is unacceptable to be rude at others will mean your toddler is better prepared to tackle being with other children at nursery or school.

Point out that it is unfair to call someone names or not let them play with you.

Encourage sharing

Many children find sharing quite difficult and to overcome the sharing barrier it is important to encourage it from a young age. If your child has no siblings practise sharing her things with you by saying things such as “It’s mummy’s turn to play with it now”, so that your toddler knows that sometimes she will have to share.

Please and thank-you

While you don’t want  to walk round sounding like a parrot, the sooner you teach your child to say please and thank-you the better, so that they grow up knowing basic social  politeness and etiquette.

Not to interrupt

Many children find it difficult to refrain from interrupting their parents who are talking. Teach your child that it is rude to interrupt, unless it’s an emergency, and to wait until Mummy has finished talking.

Say sorry

We all make mistakes, especially children, and the best way to rectify our mistakes is to say we are sorry. Teach your toddler the importance of saying sorry when they have done something they shouldn’t.