Five ‘crazy’ baby products

From placenta broaches to carry the afterbirth around with you (!!!), to urinals specifically designed for toddlers, you can buy just about anything for a baby these days. Check out five crazy baby products on the market.

Shirts that Stimulate Babies $30 – Black and white checker tops that you feel dizzy just looking at might be taking baby stimulation techniques a little too far.

But if you are intent on providing thought and stimulation to your baby everywhere he looks, then these wacky and colourful shirts will certainly provide some stimulation; just don’t assume that they are the height of fashion!

Designer Barf Bags $12.95 – Now surely this is taking the designer look a little too far! But for mums who want every aspect of their baby’s existence to be ‘designerized’ then stuffing some  Designer Barf Bags into their collection on baby ‘necessities’ could prove to be a hit. These pretty and colourful bamboo-patterned bags certainly look the business; it’s just a shame that they have to be filled with sick! 

Baby Bum Fan – A baby with nappy rash can be understandably irritable and grouchy and this is where the Baby Bum Fan may step in. Simply place the fan a few inches from your baby’s bare bum and the whirling air the fan will generate may help give your baby some relief to nappy rash (or maybe try a proven antiseptic nappy cream like Sudocrem?!!!).

Baby Bangs $29.95 – Whilst most babies are born with some hair, after several weeks of being born, many babies’ hair falls out, leaving your tot with a bald head before the ‘secondary’ hair grows back. If you don’t want your baby to have a bald head then simply attach a Baby Bang toupee. These delicate hair bands attach on to a baby’s head, making them look like they have a head of real hair!

Bathroom Baby Harness $39.99 – Now this one may be a little more practical, a harness to position your baby in the bathroom while you go to the toilet, have a bath or brush your teeth. Simply hang the harness in a safe, germ-free place and your baby can kick to his heart’s content while you have a few ‘hands-free’ minutes in the bathroom.

That’s five, but I bet you have spotted a few more! Tell us of any crazy baby products you may have spotted.