Five essential child proofing products

Child proofing a home should be taken extremely seriously and no corners should be cut in ensuring your home is safe for your child to grow up in.

If you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of your baby or are wanting to make some additional child security methods to your home the read the following five essential child proofing products.

child proofing products


Whilst it may be impossible to child-proof a house entirely without spending a fortune, for obviously more ‘dangerous’ rooms such as garages and workshops, simply put a small bolt on the door that probing and inquisitive hands cannot reach.

Magnetic drawer and cabinet latches

The same principle can be applied to certain drawers and cabinets that contain dangerous things such as a knife drawer in a kitchen. Prevent young children from being able to open drawers and cabinets by putting a magnetic drawer latch. They are so easy to install that no drilling is even needed.

Plug covers

One of the first things that babies do when they learn to crawl and walk is to head straight for plug sockets. The risks of this seemingly widespread attraction babies have with plug sockets are both alarming and obvious and can be avoided by placing a plug cover over any plug sockets that aren’t being used. 

Safety door stops

Children trapping their fingers in doors is one of the most common child accidents to occur in the home and is often one that goes overlooked when installing the house with child safely features.

You can eliminate the risk of tiny fingers being trapped in doors but simply placing a safety door stop around the edge of doors to prevent them from closing.

Corner guards

Sharp edges found on furniture such as coffee tables can be particularly hazardous to young children. By placing a corner guard around sharp edges you will immediately eliminate any potential hazards.