Five essential habits toddlers must learn

Your toddler is not too young to learn good habits, and now is a great age to teach your little one some good lifestyle practices that they will require throughout their childhood years and into adulthood.

Here are five habits toddlers must learn.

1. Exercise

It is important that you make exercise part of your toddler’s daily routine, as research has proven that active youngsters are less likely to become obese later on in life. Not only this, but exercise helps to prevent illnesses and keeps the body and brain functioning properly, as well as improving the mood of toddlers. A run around in the park or garden can be good exercise for toddlers, likewise encouraging them to ride on a tricycle or kick a ball about can be good ways to ensure they are getting some daily exercise.

2. Drink plenty of water

Encouraging your child to drink plenty of water at a young age, will not only help keep him rehydrated, but will also encourage him to drink water when he is older. Drinking water also helps to improves concentration in children and adults.

3. Brush teeth

It is important to get your toddler into the habit of brushing their teeth twice a day to avoid tooth decay and encourage good habits. You will need to supervise your child whilst he brushes his teeth until he is approximately seven years old.

4. Wash hands

To help prevent the spread of germs, toddlers need to get into the habit of washing their hands after they have been to the toilet or potty and before each meal. Make sure your child gets into the habit of using soap when he washes his hands as well as learning how to dry his hands sufficiently.

5. Five-a-day

Encouraging your toddler to eat five portions of fruit and veg a day will help stave off colds and coughs and help keep him fit and healthy and will also mean that he is more likely to continue eating a healthy diet later on in life.