Five essential make-up products for mums

When it comes to make-up, mums just don’t have time to do the whole shebang – gone are the days of spending twenty minutes perfecting  eyeshadow and curling lashes; Johnny needs his bum wiped, Sally’s emptied your perfume all over the floor and Billy’s decided that stock cubes are his new favourite breakfast treat – all at once.

So make-up takes a back seat.

It’s a mum’s life.

Mums have to learn how to put on a face in two minutes flat, which means that the less that can go wrong, the better. Here are five essential make-up products for mums that I simply cannot do without:

  1. Concealer
  2. Mascara
  3. Lip gloss
  4. Eye drops
  5. SPF

That’s it. Five key items; they’re always in my bag and I never go anywhere without them. Fact.

I know that eye drops don’t really count as make-up but late nights and staring at a computer (as my job requires) makes for tired eyes – eye drops are an essential.

And SPF is not really make-up but it is a must; most moisturisers contain SPF anyway but it’s good to keep some on you just in case (baby vomit on face is also not as infrequent as we’d like, or expect).

Concealer covers bags and imperfections; lip gloss moistens lips and makes them pretty; and mascara accentuates the eye (also another reason for eye drops –an accentuated red eye is not all that attractive).

If I was going for sixth item, I’d probably include a blusher but my cheeks are naturally rosy and I’d look like an apple if I applied anything to make ‘em any rosier.

I’m happy when I feel like I look decent when I go out with my girls during the day, even if it’s just to the shop. Doing my face, even a two-minute compromise, makes me feel as much a woman as a mum. Lip gloss and mascara is my way of staking claim over that which my children possess for most of a day – myself.

Dear mums, what makeup essential can you not leave home without?