Five essential parenting tips

When it comes to having a baby and bringing up a child we can all benefit from advice and boy don’t we get it! Whilst a lot of this advice may be old-fashioned, dramatic or perhaps nothing more than an old wives’ tale, there is some advice parents should all here.

Here are five essential parenting tips. 

essential parenting tips

The 80 – 20 per cent rule

When it comes to interacting, bringing up and disciplining children it is advisable that parents follow the ‘80 – 20 per cent rule, which essentially means that 80% of communications with their children should be positive and just 20% negative. Thus meaning that 80% of relations with children should be spent complimenting, having jokes and encouraging, whilst the rest should be more ‘negative’, saying ‘no’ for example and reminding your children when they have gone too far.

Look at life through your child’s eyes

Being a parent is a tough job but so is being a child. Patience is the key when bringing up children and to help you acquire the necessary patience try to see life through your child’s eyes and learn the ‘boundaries’ and ‘rules’ together.


Being a good parent isn’t necessary about money, your relationship with your spouse or materialistic things; it is about having respect for your child. Respect your child by listening to her, having conversations with her and showing her respect, and the chances are she’ll grow up also respecting others.

Lead by example

You are your child’s biggest role model. It is important to remember that if you shout, your child is more likely to shout, if you are polite to others your child is more likely to be polite to others also. Leading by example is one of the best ways to bring up your child the way you would like her to be brought up.

Show consistency

Children thrive on consistency and routine. Try to show consistency in all walks of life, including methods of discipline, bedtime routines and how much ‘leeway’ you decide to give your child.