Five examples of baby advice that could be ignored

When you’re going to have a baby it often feels like the world and his wife are giving you advice. Whilst everybody may mean well, when it comes to baby advice there’s some baby advice that would be better left ignored.

Below are five examples of baby advice that could be ignored.

examples of baby advice

Babies need silence to sleep

Have you ever watched in wonderment at babies sleeping blissfully through a full-on disco, or being fast asleep whilst being dragged through a busy and noisy supermarket? The truth is that whilst some children can be light sleepers, babies don’t need silence to sleep, and often some light background noise can actually help them sleep soundly.

Picking a crying baby up will lead to a spoilt child

Whether or not to pick up a baby who is crying is one of the most contested pieces of baby advice in existence with many asserting that to avoid bringing up a spoilt child parent should leave them to cry. In reality, picking up a crying infant will help them to learn that they can depend on their parents and to help develop a bond.

Babies who listen to classical music will be more intelligent

While there may be a ‘intelligent’ and ‘intellectual’ stigma about people who listen to classical music, there is no conclusive research to suggest that exposing your baby to classical music will boost intelligence in any way.

A baby needs a bath every day

The main reason why it is a good idea to bath a baby every day is to implement a good bedtime routine. Babies, unlike adults, do not tend to smell as a result of sweating, and contrary to popular belief, it is sufficient to bath a baby every two or three days.

Wake up your baby in the night to change her nappy

Modern nappies are ultra-absorbent and as urine is sterile, unless your baby’s nappy is so wet it is uncomfortable or leaking, it is unnecessary to wake them up and change their nappy during the night – it might be better to leave baby sleeping soundly.