Five fussy eating toddler tips

Many toddlers and young children are fussy eaters, and whilst it can be a worrying time for parents, many children start to become less fussy and more adventurous with their food as they get older.

There is however a few things you can try to encourage your child to be less fussy at mealtimes and adopt a healthier diet. here are Five fussy eating toddler tips.

1 – Set a good example

Toddlers and young children love to copy and it is therefore important that you eat a varied and balanced diet yourself. If a child sees her parents tucking into a variety of dishes, they will be more inclined to ‘try them’ themselves.

2 – Make healthy food fun

Referring to food such as fish as “brain food” or vegetables as “superman food”, may make it seem more attractive to a toddler. Playing games at mealtimes, such as counting the number of peas they have eaten or making animal shapes with the mashed potato, can be another way to help your little one eat what is on her plate.

3 – Be supportive and encouraging

Even if your child only has a morsel of something new make sure you praise her and show lots of encouragement. Making a child eat a whole plate of something they are not that keen on will only discourage them in the long term.

4 – Allow occasional treats

Treats, although they should be kept to a minimum, are a good way of showing appreciation and praise. By allowing your toddler to have the occasional treat, after, for example she has had some fish and vegetables, it will encourage her to eat her dinner and try new foods again.

5 – Disguise certain foods

If your toddler is determined not to try new foods, or healthy foods he has ‘convinced’ himself he does not like, try disguising foods such as vegetables by chopping them up small and mixing them into a delicious sauce.