Five gadgets and apps to help soothe babies to sleep

Babies rarely sleep through the night and their frequent waking can leave parents thoroughly sleep-deprived and absolutely shattered. Luckily help is at hand with a whole host of gadgets and apps claiming to help settle a baby to a good night’s sleep.

Although ‘claiming’ and actually ‘achieving’ are quite different, so to help you save time and money experimenting with different ‘baby soothing’ technology, we’ve sieved through this heavily saturated market and come up with five of the best latest gadgets and apps to help soothe babies to sleep.

Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor

Parent’s experiencing a touch of paranoia when their baby has not made a sound for a while is a completely natural yet albeit irritating element of parenthood. This is where the Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor may step in, as being equipped with a sensor pad, which, when placed under a mattress, alerts parent’s if a baby has not moved for more than 20 seconds.

Being sensitive to detect breathing, many apprehensive parents say they are reassured that their baby is alive and well when the Angelcare Monitor is scrutinizing their every movement.

Cry Translator App

Dubbed as being “the iPhone application to understand baby crying”, the Cry Translator effectively translates the reasons why your baby is crying. In less than ten seconds, the app relates the baby’s crying to hunger, stress, discomfort, boredom or tiredness. Being able to identify the cause of a baby’s crying is crucial to being able to comfort a baby. So exalted and highly-recommended has the Cry Translator become, that in 2010 it received the Medal of Gold Geneve.

The Cry Translator is available at the App Store.

White Noise app

With 40 gentle and soothing sounds, such as rainfall, the wind, the ocean and a heartbeat, accompanied with some mesmerizing and relaxing images, many mothers recommend downloading the White Noise App to an iPhone.

This popular app can be downloaded here.

The Voice Activated Crib Light with Womb Sounds

It is logical that since your little one has been snugly lay inside your womb for nine months, he or she is going to be comforted by anything that resonates their previous safe and warm home. The Voice Activated Crib Light with Womb Sounds does just this, as when your baby wakes up and cries, soothing ‘womb’ sounds are activated alongside some comforting lights.

The Activated Crib Light with Womb Sounds can be purchased at

World of Lullabies

For centuries lullabies have been used as a means of lulling a baby to sleep. In an era of technological wizardry, whereby apps are available for just about anything, why not download the World of Lullabies application, and let your iPhone do the work for you?

World of Lullabies can be downloaded at here.