Five great baby gadgets for the modern mum

With technology becoming increasingly clever and sophisticated we are seeing refined and intelligent gadgets emerging in almost every walk of life.

And mums it seems are rightly receiving their fair share of devices arriving on the market designed to make our lives that bit easier and more convenient. Check out five great baby gadgets for the modern mum.

Pipila Soother Steriliser £25.00

Only too often does a soother fall to the ground only to be wiped quickly and put straight back into a baby’s mouth. Eradicate the problem of a soother being covered in dirt and germs when it – inevitably – ends up on the ground with the Pipila Soother Steriliser. According to the JoJo Maman Bebe website this portable steriliser kills 99.9% of germs in just three minutes via a germicidal UV light.

The Pipila Soother Steriliser can be purchased at 


Acting essentially as a black-out blind, this award-winning baby gadget provides a darkened environment for babies to go to sleep in their prams and buggies. The Snoozeshade is a universal fit and can be purchased at for just £19.99.

Balido Nasal Aspirator £50

Wave goodbye to snotty handkerchiefs and constantly finding pieces of tissue in your pockets with the Balido Nasal Aspirator. This nifty baby gadget gently clears a baby’s nose of snot and comes with two nozzles and speed settings to use depending on your little one’s age – A great baby gadget particularly if you are travelling.

The Baldio Nasal Aspirator can be bought at


A bottle and milk warmer in one, you can say good riddance to the arduous and lengthy task of warming up baby’s milk in a saucepan or a microwave. Simply touch the button and 60 seconds later the milk will be warmed to the natural temperature of breast milk.

Visit for more information on this ultra-convenient baby gadget for the modern mum!

Hands Free Brolly £18.49

Have you ever tried juggling a pram, the shopping and an umbrella? Well if you haven’t then it’s not recommended and if you have then struggle no more with the Hands Free Brolly. As its name suggest this inventive device can be attached to a pram or buggy meaning that mum has her hands free to push her little one down the road.

Visit the Hands Free Brolly website at