Five great lunchbox tips!

So your little one has finally started nursery, pre-school or school and you are naturally apprehensive about what to put in his lunchbox to ensure that he is getting all the vitamins and nutrients that he would be at home.

If you are struggling to fill your child’s lunchbox with a healthy lunch then the following lunchbox tips may help give your child a well-balanced meal that is different from yesterday!

Lunchbox Tip One

Bagel filled with peanut butter

Yogurt with pieces of real fruit

Fresh juice

Handful of raisins

Lunchbox Tip Two

Wholemeal pitta bread with salad

A fruit salad mix

Fresh juice

A healthy snack bar

Lunchbox Tip Three

Small container full of brown rice, finely cut vegetables such as sweetcorn and peas, and tuna fish

Chunks of cheese

A fruit smoothie

A small flask of milk

Lunchbox Tip Four

Bagel with soft cheese and cucumber

Carrot and celery sticks

A healthy yogurt

Fruit juice

Lunchbox Tip Five

A container full of couscous with vegetables and small pieces of chicken

A handful of peanuts

A banana

A small flask of milk

Other lunchbox tips!

To avoid repetition or mealtime boredom, make sure that you change the contents of your child’s lunchbox every day.

Another good tip is to use up any leftovers from last night’s dinner in your child’s lunchbox. Cold stir-fries, pasta salads and even pizza can make a great lunchtime snack!

Always make sure that you have plenty of small containers and sandwich bags in the house to put the snacks in.

To save precious time in the morning prepare your child’s lunchbox the night before.

Strive to always give your child a different flavoured juice each day to avoid repetition.