Five great websites to make parents laugh

Being a new parent can be tiring, stressful and a lot of hard work. As your baby grows those first few weeks of sleepless nights, changing nappies and on-demand feeding are soon to be rewarded when your baby makes her first smile and her personality begins to show.

That’s not to say that new parents don’t need some light-relief and a good old giggle to relieve some of the stress that goes hand in hand with having a tiny human being to look after that is completely dependent on you.

websites to make parents laugh

While we immediately tend to think of putting on a film or watching our favourite stand-up comedian for our comedy fix, turning to the internet for laugh out loud sources is becoming increasingly popular.

Below are five great websites to make parents laugh:

From videos titled ‘Parents prank kids with bad gifts’, to other ‘make me laugh’ videos and ‘make me laugh’ pictures, covers the complete spectrum of ‘funny’ and is quickly growing into the internet’s number one site for funny videos and pictures.

This website is full of pictures and videos of babies and toddlers doing hilarious things. You can upload your own hilarious ‘lol’ videos, vote and rate your favourite baby and tot pictures and video footage and read articles on the blog designed to make parents laugh!

Cute overload

Now Cute may not be a particularly ‘funny’ website, but with pictures and videos of lambs, chicks, bunnies, kittens or just about any adorable animal you care to mention, this novel site is guaranteed to cheer you up – Definitely a winner in the ‘so cute’ stakes! 

Crazy Things Parent Text is guaranteed to have you laughing out loud with stories about some of the crazy things parents have texted. This interactive site encourages users to submit their own hilarious text messages and share them with other users.

From funny pictures, funny videos, funny gifts to funny stories, if you want to have a laugh then’s the place to go!